Bio: I am one of the the Faculty Advisors for the 2012 WYSE. My team is the white team. I am trained as a Marine Biologist and am a certified Professional Wetland Sceintist and Professional Wetland Delineator. I currently serve as President of the Virginia Assocation of Wetland Professionals. Over the past 25 years, I have worked as a fisheries biologist, sensitive land acquisition specialist, wetlands biologist, and USFWS endangered species biologist. I am the co-founder of the Virginia Coastal Fly Anglers, member of the Mid-Atlantic Fly Anglers, and member of the Bill Wills/FFF Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I am a member of the Tidewater Appalachian Trail Club and volunteer on trail maintenance, cabin maintenance, and as guest speaker coordinator. I also own and operate Coastal Explorer, a multifaceted ecotour company offering guided fishing trips and walking and kayak ecotours. I am a published writer and photographer with a growing library of fishing, outdoor, coastal scenery, volunteerism, and other stock photogrtaphy and a client list that includes: Saltwater Fly Fishing magazine, Fly Fishing In Saltwaters magazine, The Official Hampton Roads Fishing Guide, Family Fun magazine, and Save The Bay magazine (Chesapeake Bay Foundation).

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