Last day of the WYSE Summit

After an inspiring closing ceremony and a challenge to continue the work started at the summit, it was time to pack up and get ready for travel to home.  Hoping everyone made it OK.

I have to thank Washington for throwing a lot of traffic and an extra 2 hours of driving between me and my family. NOT!


Got home, watched a little of the Tour de France tv coverage, and took a power nap so I could pick up my daughter from her church mission trip at 1 am.

Today I’m in the office, catching up on work emails.  I teach a free citizen wetland education workshop and, from all the emails, it looks like it’s full with a waiting list.  That’s how I will spend next Saturday.

I just droppoed off my #2 daughter at the zoo where she volunteers.  Today she’s making popsicles for the elephants as a treat for July 4.  They mix koolaid in 5 gallon buckets and even mix in some fruit for the bears and other animals.  The zoo freezes the buckets, and then Voila! zoo animal popsicles. 

Hope everyone following is doing fine and thinking about what they’re going to do to make their communities a better place.  WYSE work continues!  One simple thin g would be to organize an ACT presentation for your school.  I’m going to go through my workbook and post info (especially on grants, interships, contests, etc.) that maybe everyone didn’t get because they were at other sessions.  I would encourage you to do the same.

You have my card.  If there is a particular subject you are interested in, email me and let me know.  Because I’m in the business, intersting information crosses my desk almost every day and I’ll let you know if it’s something that would interest you.  

For instance, Tat, the research done to try to get people to change their behavior is called social marketing.  While there are others, in my research, one of the best companies doing this work professionally is called Responsive Mannagement (  They are in Harrisonburg VA.  I have info on another good firm in CO if anyone is interested.  On Responsive Management’s website, you can get a list of reports they’ve prepared and download them for free.  Hope this helps.  




About wyse2012whiteteamleader

I am one of the the Faculty Advisors for the 2012 WYSE. My team is the white team. I am trained as a Marine Biologist and am a certified Professional Wetland Sceintist and Professional Wetland Delineator. I currently serve as President of the Virginia Assocation of Wetland Professionals. Over the past 25 years, I have worked as a fisheries biologist, sensitive land acquisition specialist, wetlands biologist, and USFWS endangered species biologist. I am the co-founder of the Virginia Coastal Fly Anglers, member of the Mid-Atlantic Fly Anglers, and member of the Bill Wills/FFF Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I am a member of the Tidewater Appalachian Trail Club and volunteer on trail maintenance, cabin maintenance, and as guest speaker coordinator. I also own and operate Coastal Explorer, a multifaceted ecotour company offering guided fishing trips and walking and kayak ecotours. I am a published writer and photographer with a growing library of fishing, outdoor, coastal scenery, volunteerism, and other stock photogrtaphy and a client list that includes: Saltwater Fly Fishing magazine, Fly Fishing In Saltwaters magazine, The Official Hampton Roads Fishing Guide, Family Fun magazine, and Save The Bay magazine (Chesapeake Bay Foundation).
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